Conventional production

Type Tool milling machine Intus FNGJ-40 Heidenheim digital display Surface grinding machine Blohm-Simplex
Travelling way (x/y/z) [mm] 600/400/400 450/250/300
Workpiece weight [kg] 300 250
Tool holding fixture SK 40 -
Type Circular grinding machine Fortuna Circular grinding machine Fortuna (small) Center lathe Jet GH-1860 ZX with digital display
Distance between centers [mm] 1500 600 1500
Diameter [mm] 300 250 290

2 pcs. pillar upright drilling machines
2 pcs. gas-shielded arc welding machines FRONIUS
1 pcs. band saw (diameter: to 320 mm)

3.2 tons Kone overhead crane