Througput-Scale DW 1500 / 2500

Measuring the outputs of recycling extruders has become more and more important in past years because of higher quality standards and a need to document the produced weight. Especially for the reclaiming of plastic pellets Ekuma developed a throughput measuring unit. This unit is designed for easy use, with high quality components which result in low maintenance. The compact construction requires only minimal space, the electrical display can be installed up to 20 meters from the weighing bin.

All parts which can be touched by pellets are made of stainless steel. Pipe connections at the top and bottom are 100 mm /160 mm in diameter; a blockage of the pipes with wet gassy pellets or chains of pellets is nearly impossible.

The pneumatic slider is made of specially treated stainless steel which guarantees many years of trouble-free operation.

An air storage bin guarantees the opening of the slider even after breakdowns in the power supply or the air supply and production can go on even without the measuring device.

The measuring device is sealed completely, which has the advantage that dust and dirt can't influence the measurements or the slider in its movement and there are no breakdowns resulting from dirt. Most of the electrical parts which are used are standard items from major suppliers such as Siemens or General Electric and can be ordered worldwide from local suppliers or are on stock at Ekuma. The control is a PLC which is designed for extreme conditions such as high surrounding temperatures or high humidity (Control Cabinet IP 55).

The following data can be displayed on the operator interface terminal:
Throughput/hour: The displayed throughput/hour is extrapolated from the average of the last 2 minutes.
Shift counter: Display of the number of the shift supervisor (1–4), start and ending time of the shift and the produced kg. After the same shift leader gets registered again, the old data of this shift leader gets deleted.
Service menu: This menu has 3 sub menues where the actual weight of the weight bin, the weight at which the slider opens and the date and time can be displayed and edited.
Weekly counter: After the starting of the weekly counter the produced kgs are counted in tons. The starting time and starting date are displayed as well.
Joker counter: This counter can be started, stopped and reset as required.
Shift report After the input of a shift supervisor number, the last produced kg, start and stop time of this shift supervisor are displayed.
Type DW 1500 DW 2500
max throughput/hour 1500 2500
max. capacity of weighing-container 51 Liter (25 Kg) 85 Liter (35 Kg)
pipe diameter/input 100 mm 100 mm
pipe diameter/output 100 mm 100 mm
display 2 lines, 20 letters 8 mm size 2 lines, 20 letters 8 mm size
external cabinet OPTION OPTION
external LED display (throughput/hour) OPTION OPTION
printer with serial interface for shift report OPTION OPTION
pellet transport unit OPTION OPTION
measurements B x T x H 640 x 700 x 1750 mm 640 x 700 x 2000 mm
a * b * c * d 1720 x 710 x 250 x 270 mm 1720 x 710 x 250 x 270 mm