Ekuma data Collection EDC

Quality Control of Regranulates using Density Measurement

How it works:

Using a defined measuring container, the bulk density of the regranulate produced is continuously gauged. If the actual value differs from the set-point value and tolerance specified, such as due to regranulate infused with gas, an alarm signal is activated. At the same time a shunt can be used to redirect misproduction. In this manner, production of high-quality merchandise is ensured. Option: automatic switching of the shunt into production as soon as the bulk density is back within the tolerance.

Display: Actual value 0.00 kg
Set-point value 0.00 kg
Tolerance %
Log: Date
Actual value
Set-point value
Signals: Collective fault indication alarm
tolerance exceeded floating contact
shunt analogue output 4 - 20 mA

For quality assurance, all the display data and log data can be sent to a computer via a PC interface.

If the density of the granulate is altered by the introduction of additives, the analogue signal can be used to regulate the metering system.

Technical data:
Troughput capacity to 2500 kg/h at 0,6 kg/L
Accuracy +/- 10 g