Super Cleaner Ekuma 700

to remove synthetic substances from metal parts

    Special features and advantages:
  • usable for the removal of all thermoplastics and mixed plastics
  • fast cleaning process
  • simple and safe to operate
  • high degree of reliability and maintenancefree operation
  • gentle cleaning increases the lifespan of the tools
  • kind to the environment as no incineration takes place
  • low energy consumption and economical running

The Super Cleaner EKUMA 700 with a working com- partment measuring 707 x 654 mm diameter is ideally suitable for the quick and careful removal of synthetic substances soiling extrusion tools and filterparts

Used to remove thermoplastics from various metal parts and extrusion tools by way of safe and efficient method without the addition of any cleansing agent. The most cases the cleaning process using a temperature of 400°C to 450°C lasts between 120 and 240 minutes, depending on the size of the tool and a vacuum of -0,4 bar. The appliance can be set up in any room with a water supply, a drain, a gas flue as well as an electrical power point.

During the cleaning process no incineration takes place in the vacuum. On the one hand this advantage means a higher degree of safety for the staff, on the other hand it protects the parts to be cleaned against overheating, which could lead to annealing or breaking.

Working instructions:
The Super-Cleaner EKUMA 700 will be set to a temperature recommended by the manufacturer of the parts to be cleaned. The parts will be put on the grid attached to the lid. The oven (heating system) is to be closed and the vacuum system switches on. The temperature (varying according to material and synthetic substances from 400°C - 450°C) separates the synthetic substances from the metal. The synthetic substance runs away through the draining funnel directly into the cooling container and solidifies. Because of the existing vacuum in the whole system an ignition of the synthetic substance or the gas is not possible. The gases suched off by the vacuum pump condensate in the condensation container, any possible solids are seperated by a filter. Any remaining synthetic substance left on the material turn to ash and are easily brushed or blown off when the part is removed. The process discribed can be automatically timed with the help of a time switch; according to the size of the metal and the degree of soiling.
The advantage of this system lies in the extremly gentle and percise temperature cleaning of the component. Further more the vacuum system is kind to the environment. The cooling container and the condensation container with the filter guarantee the holding bach of the remaining pollutants. The left-over particles can be easily removed and disposed of through the cooling and condensation containers.
Technical data:
Basic unit size: [mm] L 1950mm x B 950mm x H 1570mm
Unit weight: 533 kg
Dimension vacuum chamber: ∅ 707 x 654 mm
Usablespace: L 600 x B 600 x H 292 - 486mm
Max. Part-weight: 170 kg
Electrics: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Controls: 230 V / 50 Hz
Pump-motor: 1,5 kW; 2800 min/l
Heaters: 9 x 1 kW
Water-consumption of vacuum-pump: 1 - 1,5 Liter/min bei 1,5 bar
Water-inlet: 1/2"
Water-drain: 1"