System DRD

Plastics Cleaning / Drying

The Dry-Cleaner DRD

is used to dry and clean plastics in a single working step. With this plant soil, metal, paper, mineral, as well as organic soilings and water can be removed from shredded, contaminated and wet plastics. The separation is based on the principle of friction between the plastic flakes against each other and against parts of the machine. The heating air for drying is brought in by the heater on top of the first cleaning stage. After the pre-cleaning in the first cleaning stage, the material is transferred to the second cleaning stage for secondary treatment. The radial mounted sieve boxes and the following cyclones discharge separated soilings.

The dry and clean flakes can be fed into the extruder. The granulated plastic is used to produce new films, ropes, injection molding parts, etc. The plant is also used as part of a wet cleaning plant. Therefore it is positioned before or after the wet cleaner to improve the cleaning result or to dry the washed material.

DRD-18 DS (doublestep)

Type DRD-18 DS DRD-24 DS
L 3025 4030
B1 2355 3138
B2 1500 2040
H 2500 3332
D 1800 2400
Weight 3 t 6 t
P 30 kW 90 kW
Heater 3 x 30 kW 5 x 36 kW