Siloscale TMS 2500

Silo and metring scale in one!

A cost-effective solution for recording production data of freeflowing materials, such as plastic granulate.

    The following data can be recorded:
  • Current throughput quantity in 2500 kg/h.
  • Current filling quantity in the silo.
  • Total amount produced in tons.
  • Shift record for up to four shifts.
  • Visual signal when 80 % of the maximum filling quantity has been reached.

To empty the silo, a filling weight may be entered (up to 5000 kg). This allows transport containers to be filled with precisely the desired quantity by weight. There is no need to reweigh.

Type TMS 2500
H 4600 mm
h 3700 mm
b 1700 mm
B 1500 mm
A 2000 mm or as ordered
D DM 160
Silo volume 2100 l

  • Electrical 220 V/50 Hz
  • Air 6 bar
  • Piping NW 160
  • Frame RAL 7035 or as ordered
  • Silo Stainless steel uncoated
  • Interface for PC or printer
  • External LD display showing current flow rate in kg/h
  • Printer integrated into switch cabinet
  • Bagging station for valve sacks
  • Cyclone, pneumatic silo filter, pipelines

All parts which come in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel.