Siloscale TMS 340 - 500

Silo and metring scale in one!

A cost-effective solution for recording production data of freeflowing materials, such as plastic granulate.
The TMS 340/500 is a metering scale, a silo and a filling station at the same time.

    The following data can be recorded:
  • Current throughput quantity up to kg/h.
  • Current filling quantity in the silo.
  • Total amount produced in tons.
  • Shift record for up to four shifts.
  • Visual signal when 80 % of the maximum filling quantity has been reached.

To empty the silo, a filling weight may be entered (up to 5000 kg). This allows transport containers to be filled with precisely the desired quantity by weight. There is no need to re-weigh.

Type TMS 340 TMS 500
H 2670 mm 2770 mm
b 1000 mm 1100 mm
B 1000 mm 1000 mm
A 1200 mm 1200 mm
Silo volume 340 l 500 l

  • Electrical 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Air 6 bar
  • Piping NW 100
  • Frame as ordered
  • Silo Stainless steel uncoated
  • Interface for PC or printer
  • External LD display showing current flow rate in kg/h
  • Printer integrated into switch cabinet
  • Bagging station for Big-Bag/Oktabine
  • Cyclone, pneumatic silo filter, pipelines
  • Material-drying with hot air

All parts which come in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel.